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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  July 27, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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school for the first time this semester? why the idea may be exciting but could leaves moms and dads feeling down. and he's new dad coming into the football season now hear from ravens quarterback joe flak hello, on his -- flacco on his take on the new role as poppa. you watching good morning maryland. news time 4:55.
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news time 4:57 and few stories we are work on for the 5:00 hour more on breaking news out of randalltown where people were evacuated from an apartment complex following a two-alarm fire. the very late nest live report from baltimore county. and ocean city boardwalk gets high marks for a well- known magazine. what made it stand out above the rest. another reason why you should never turn your back on a shark. why would you do it in the
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first place? not because it will eat you but apparently it will steal your underwater gear. those stories and more coming up this morning on good morning maryland at 5. lsu fans may have a new rice a company in a state growing purple rice. it has health promoting compounds also found in blueberries and also in red wine. health experts say it has the health benefits similar to brown rice. it is only grown in the south in louisiana. if you are feeling rested, you are not alone. baltimore is in the top 20 of the most rested cities. the study uteed government data for the most those in the most sleep deprived people not getting enough sleep more than half the time. shipping your kids off to school may make you sad. a survey as taken of how moms
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feed when kid head off to school. 40% were the saddest family member when the kid went back to school. followed by the kids and the family dog. more than half of the moms surveyed say that they cry on the first day of school. no mention of how dads may feel about that. we are a month away from the first preseason game for the ravens and star quarterback joe flacco is going to be juggle a lot at the scrimmage line and doing diaper duet duty e chant -- dutiy. chanted about his new role. his father gave -- his wife gave birth. >> to be honest when i am home with my wife and you know he is around, i am use less. i have nothing he wants. >> you know immediately he is honest. he says he hopes to hoist the lombardi trophy with his baby boy high in the air the end of the coming season. we are gearing up for the preseason action for the ravens. they take on the atlanta falcons abc2 news has you
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covered. that game will be on abc2 starting early thursday evening august 9th with a pregame show leading up to the kick off. time to start the 5:00 hour. now "good morning maryland." heavy -- have you seen this man he is wanted in connection with the kidnapping of a baseball legend's mother. and breaking news this morning a two alarm fire in randallstown early while you were sleeping. the mess those living there are dealing with as dozens of firefighters help knock down the fire. and if you've been dying to try a new restaurant in baltimore city this may be the week to do it. summer restaurant week kits off -- kicks off today a live report on this friday, july 27th. good morning i am charley crowson. this guy is licking his chops come on. >> lynette is here with weather. >> give me your fork and point me in the direction because i love restaurant week. >> you need a bib.
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>> -- bib. >> we have the storms last night. >> yes. we got storms and i am going tosay that's a good thing because we needed the rain. it was not a whole lot a quarter of an inch of rainfall at bwi but we will take what we can get. 73 -- 73 degrees is what we are going with and ellicott city is at 71. and emetsburg at 72 for this morning -- emmettsburg at 72 for this morning. we have a heat advisory. the humidity and those hot temperatures making it feel a lot hotter outside. so this is what we are working with this morning. we have the heat advisory for harford and that's going into efct at will you bech time for today and lingers until about 7. and more of the same across all the areas that we are looking at in the orange. so, we can see baltimore points eastward and points southward. that's what we are going to be dealing with this afternoon. now hour by hour forecast looks like this. we have the chance for some showers and thunderstorms as early as this morning. and that will linger until
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lunchtime. 93 is what i am going withinw and 59 by 4 p.m. showers and thunderstorms could be on the pesky side. we do have a slight risk of se he veer. more to come on that but -- severe. more to come on that but right now the traffic with mike masco. >> reporter: they were huge last night in bel air. >> they were. >> reporter: wow. here's what's going on this morning a. crash downtown baltimore city. let's go to the board and show you where it is off 83. as you head towards franklin street and cathedral street, that's an issue this morning. certainly tying up traffic on 83 and going into baltimore city. in terms of what we have on the big boards, construck wise, this is going -- construction wise, this is going to be a long-term issue. park avenue and north glover street use route 40 as an alternative route around the mess and as we head towards the crossings we have the right lane knocked out 895 northbound as between route 2 and exit 7 and 8 heading towards the harbor tunnel and towards the
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fort mchenry tunnel we have construction delays making your way into the toll plaza. outside we go for a live shot. and this is 695 at liberty road. we do have a bit of volume on the roads early on. but nothing so far so bad. the sensors are speeds on par for average and 695 at harford road looking really good. another check on traffic in less than 10 minutes now back to you. breaking news out of baltimore county a wild morning fire has for fighters on the scene and a lot of people looking for somewhere else to stay after an apartment complex in randallstown well engull informed a two alarm fire. sherrie johnson is live on the scene this morning. i understand the firefighters got things under control relatively quickly but a lot of people displaced. >> reporter: that's exactly right. we are here at rockdale gardens apartments in randel atown off liberty road and old court road. look behind me and being see the firefighters are still on the scene putting out the hot spots and cleaning up debris. the call came out about 2:00 this morning at rockdale garden
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apartments. that's on yener lane. when crews arrived they found the apartments engulfed in flames and heavy smoke. the fire started on the third floor and quickly spread across the roof. the fire damaged about 12 units, several families must look for another place to live. all of the people who live here got out safely. one firefighter again was injured when degree hit him but we are told he is going to be okay. he was taken to shock trauma where he is doing well at this point. right now, we have norman joining me live here. norman actually lives -- norman actually lives in this apartment building k you tell me with -- can you tell me about what happened and what you saw. >> i was sleeping and my wife didn't feel so well. so i got up and tend to her. and i was going back in my doze and i heard knocking. i thought someone was fighting so i jumped up out the bed to see what's happening and my wife is like where you going
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and i said something was happening and somebody is like get out and they said fire, fire and we got out. from at that time until now i am still here. >> reporter: what's going through your mind? >> i been scared because it's the first time i experienced this so it's really terrifying to know that it's like you are not safe anymore. >> where do you go now? red cross here to help. >> i am going to my wife's daughter's house and we will stay there until daylight and we will come back and see what we can do. get the cleanup process started and all that stuff. >> thanks. >> i am going to go to the rental office and talk about my car and go to the renter's office to see what's going on there. >> thanks so much for stopping and talking to us. so sorry about the fire. thanks norman. >> have a good morning. >> reporter: you have a good morning, too. so right now, we know that the
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firefighter that was injured we are told by other firefighters here he is going to be okay. he is up talking and moving around and he was hit by debris but people who lib if the apartment building made it -- live in this apartment building made it out safely. there's no word on what caused this fire. we are told that it started on the third floor in the kitchen area. possibly the stove. fire investigators are on the scene right now. still trying to figure out what happened here. reporting live in randallstown sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news time 5:06. vi ripken is resting while the rest of us are trying to id the kidnapping suspects. police want you to be on the lookout for this guy from a sir veilance camera who is believed tonight man who took the 74- year-old mom out of her aberdeen garage. he tied her up and blindfold her and put her in the back of the car and started to drive. he finally ended up back where he started but that was wednesday morning. >>i don't know. seals like somebody who
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probably -- seems like somebody who probably been there before. >> i don't think they knew what they were doing. >> i think they are mentally off their rocker. yeah that's what i say. have to be. >> police will not release a motive but they do admit it is is a bit odd he didn't de-- didn't demand money. if you like playing blackjack and rowlett. at 10, the -- roulette. law makers are talk about talk about allowing -- lawmakers are going to talk about allowingtable games. meantime, it's the state's newest casino and new additions. if you head over to the live casino, will see 500 new slot machines and electronic table games. also the rams head bar now officially opened for business. maryland live expect to add another,000 slot machines by november and open another
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restaurant and they are opening a store. would you know -- would you know one in five americans have a hearing problem. katie couric shares tips on what to do to take care of your ears and prevent further hearing loss. also a line of fast moving thunderstorms rolling across a large portion of the country. spectacular sights. look at this lightning. lynette look at that. that's from new york. >> exactly. spectacular to look at. and we have showers on the radar this morning charley. i will tell you if it's going to be the trend heading into the weekend. mike. >> reporter: we have a whole lot to talk about in baltimore city seeing a crash and construction delays. your traffic is coming up on the other side of the story.
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now "good morning maryland." spectacular light show over the big apple last night. storms were rolling through. thunderstorms hit the city that never sleeps and huge rain drops, winds and everything and the storm system stretched from oklahoma to new york. thousands of people without power. some here in maryland and lynette like we said, the storm system was big and wide sweeping moved through here
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late last night. >> exactly. you know we had a light show of our own going on across the area and we might do it again for today. that is scenario. we can see a few clutters of showers and storms spinning. one right there and we have two right here. and then talking about new york they are getting showers moving in across the area. and then as we go back down herewe are dealing with more showers and thunderstorms across the plains. so, we do have the severe weather possible as we go through time. but you can see the big swath of cloud cover across the area. if that hold tight ace think it will do as we go throughout the morning hours it's going to be tough to try to get some of the showers and thunderstorms to be severe as we go into time. but the heat and humidity fueling everything so, it's possible. we will talk more about that coming up but right now let's check the traffic with mike masco. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you head around 83 baltimore city, we have an accident tying things up this morning. just abe ware of that. off 83 heading towards the city limits. to the boards to show you it's about the construction as well. making are way into harbor
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tunnel or fort mchenry we are dealing with issues this morning. long-term construction patterns. also dealing with an issue downtown. monument street is due to the sink hole so we have closures north patterson street and park avenue and north glover street and use route 40 or 95 as an alternative route and we were mentioning about the tunnels this is one of the spots 895 northbound as you make your approach into harbor tum and you will deal with tieups so expect extra volume and also keeping an eye out towards the northern tunnel that began the fort mchenry appropriate going to be dealing with issues. you side for a shot and notice clear roads out there. thus far but that's subject to change during the course of the morning. another check on traffic in less than 10 minutes. now onto you. to have you are making -- if you are making plans and want a great meal at great price, restaurant week kicks off today coming up a live report on the details of which meals the cost and what you may want to check out when good
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only from aveeno. now "good morning maryland." thanks for staying with us.
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hearing loss comes with age but as katie couric tells thrust's somethings you can do a protect your hearing and you can do it right now. >> reporter: hi everyone sumer is flying by and for once i am excited about that because i am getting closer to the launch of my new show. every time i read an interesting article or see a new study i wish we were on the air so we could talk about it. for example did you know 65% of people under the age of 65 have some hearing loss? i spoke to an audiologist and he testified tested my hearing and i will tell -- tested my hear and i will tell outresults in aminute but this is what he said to protect your hearing. >> test your hearing on a regular basis. when you are in environments that might be potentially dangerous tower hearing, wear hearing protection. and we want to make sure that if we experience any of the signs of hearing loss, whether it's difficulty hearing in a noisy environment or if your ears ring a little bit which is a sign of hearing loss, we want
5:18 am
to make sure you take care of it as soon as possible because it might be something that might be treatable. >> when you do lose your hearing as you age, it lead to a lot of other psychological problems doesn't it? >> without a doubt. hearing loss when untreatedleads to anxiety and depression and isolation and we know that there are some studies that show us that increased incidents of dementia and those with alzheimer's if we have untreated hearing loss because we are withdrawn from a situation and are not participating. when we keep our mind active we know in the long run it's better for us physically and emotionally and with our relationships. >> reporter: and as for those ear buds that seem to pen straight our brains these days, it's not the music you're listening to, but the volume and the duration. lower volume over less time is the healthier choice. and my hearing was normal thankfully. having it tested in a crowded tv studio with my whole crew watching, not so normal. so i will see you back here next week and stay tuned for
5:19 am
the premier of katie on september 10th. >> abc2 your station for katie. show starts september 10 ago 4:00. we know you -- at 4:00. we know you are looking forward to that. mike is out there with traffic. you have soccer and restaurant week and otakon. >> reporter: hartford county fair. if you want to get on tv, bobble bowie him. >> bobble bowie? >> reporter: yes. we have some issues to talk b first the road construction on ordinance road eastbound between ben meadow drive and highway 173. then we will slide up toward the north. you know we have a game again in town tonight 7 and 5 so expect traffic around the stadium starting at 5:00 this evening. just be aware of that. and we have issues down along harbor and fort mchenry tunnel approaches. we will talk about that coming in the next traffic hit.
5:20 am
outside for a live shot and this is 95 at 195. clear sailing thus far but you know that is subjected to change. we will look at traffic coming up in a little bit. lynette charles with a check on the weather. >> it's okay. let's talk about what's going on because we have lots of clouds across the area. more showers back off towards the west and also to the north and we can see some of that move in as early as this morning. and then more as we go into the afternoon possibly thunderstorms to talk about. but with all that moisture traffic at the ground we have reduced visibility issues this morning. only about 9 miles in baltimore and we like to see the tens in the surrounding areas. going to delaware wilmington coming in at 8 miles reduced visibility this morning. the temperatures warm once again above average. 71 in norrisville manchester and reisterstown. 75 in germantown and 73s from edgewood to northeast to
5:21 am
middletown. good morning to you at even goldboro. so we have a heat advisory that goes into effect at launch -- at lunchtime and that lingers until 7. so we have the heat we have the humidity and it's going to make it feel miserable outside once again for today. also, we are dealing with a slight risk of severe weather. the storm prediction center has issued this. and it's for the areas here shaded in the yellow. so mainly southern maryland the biggest threats will be damaging winds and also large hail. we will see if that holds together and we have lots of clouds around so we will see if we get breaks out in the sunshine helping to destabilize the atmosphere once again. this heat and humidity will do that all over again as we go through time. let's go back over to charley. if you want to get away with the kids and enjoy a nice meal for an inexpensive price all week now would be the time to do it. 100 rests rants offering three course darns two course lunches at a price you can afford. linda so is live this morning
5:22 am
at city cafe in mount vernon with a preview. they got up early and have they again you anything to eat yet. >> reporter: super extra early and yes they are going to give us plenty to eat. they renovated this place around 3 years ago and i can tell you it look fabulous in here. joining us this morning is the executive chef jerry. thanks for coming out. they want to know are you cooking anything for us today. >> yes we are doing a scallopdish one of the appetizers for restaurants week. toped with chive and leek and scale con. >> reporter: rest wont week is something people look forward to because you can get great food at a great price. what do you offer? >> well we are offering a little bit of everything. we want people to know we have great food here. it's one of the smaller spots and a lot of people doesn't know. >> reporter: and you are going to start to get something started this morning right? >> absolutely. we will start the reso the yes
5:23 am
with --ry soto --ry. soto and we will -- risoto and we will put that in the bottom and get that sauteed and nice and sometimes at home you cook this the whole way through but we have it in the restaurant par cooked off. so we add that into the pan as well and add a little vegetable stock. that doesn't hurt the flavor at all of it and keeps it nice and clean. >> reporter: that smells delicious. this is something you guys offer. you are doing dinner all week long for restaurant week. the price? >> the price is 30.12 for three>> reporter: and the 12 cents is from 2012. >> correct. >> reporter: we will continue to cook up a storm and have much more throughout the newscast but city cafe is one of the about 1-hundred restaurants participate -- 100 restaurants participating. starts today for the next 10 days until august 5th and you
5:24 am
can get dinner for 3012. and -- 30.12. much more coming up in the newscast now back to you. that's going to be on with the list of the participating restaurants to check out. london is flooded as all of the world's top athletes get ready for the kick off of the olympic games. what michael phelps has to say about his trip to the olympics and yes says he is keeping a cool head. >> what do we want? >> equal rights in when do we want it. >> now. >> protest all over the country andate popular chicken restaurant chain. some say equal rights supporters are calling on boycott of chick-fil-a. we will explain. good morning maryland continues news time 5:24. a party?
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chick-fil-a is feeling the heat. protesters demonstrating during the lunch breaks and they are upset over that company's president. his view on same sex marriage. in front of a chick-fil-a in dc
5:28 am
the lgb protesters urged the lunchtime public to buy their meals somewhpresident a baptist church member from georgia opposes gay marriage and helps fund organizations that are against it. >> i consider it until i saw the protesters and they reminded me that people are people. no one should be discriminated against. >> i am from the south and i love chick-fil-a. they are super friendly to everyone. so, i mean if you don't want to eat at chick-fil-a you don't have to. >> protesters plan more demonstrations against the fast- food chain and some groups calling for support in a rally next week. there's street closures in baltimore city after the sink hole on east monument street. the latest on the work being done when drivers exsek -- when drivers expect the roads to be opened. another heat advisory has been issued today. i will tell you what counties are affected by that coming up. mike. >> reporter: good morning. got a couple issues and downed lines north and west of the
5:29 am
city and construction delays to share. we will leave you with this beautiful shot. nor booed -- more good morning maryland coming up. >> reporter: topping america's money ford recall involves half a million escape and maverick suv frs a decade ago. more than a dozen crashes and one death are blamed on sticky notels. new cars are use -- notels. new cars -- throttles, new cars are using less gas than ever. it was under 24 miles a gallon up a mile from a year ago as car makers prepare to meet tougher standart. facebook stock lost a third of the initial value. the first earnings reports shows revenue is up but profits are disappointing. one reason is users are shifting to mobile devices which cuts into ad revenue and ham how much gamers spend. and wherew more and more men shopping for groceries a new york city supermarket is kateing to them with
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